Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
of Greater New York (RPCV-GNY)

Promoting a better understanding of other peoples
on the part of New Yorkers

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2009 Events - Greenwood Cemetary, Greek Dinner at Symposium

It was a dark and stormy night, April 14th, 2009. I knew the odds were against us, yet I knew we would prevail! Why? We're RPCV's. Nothing, nothing, nothing can stop us from imbibing, eating, yacking away and stripping. (ha ha Janet). I shouldn't make light of the flaming cheese! Yes, we were on the edge. We rendezvoused at Symposium, an out of the way Greek restaurant, hidden on 113th Street. Wine, moussaka, salad, grape leaves, what else can there be? Oh yeah, did I mention the flaming cheese?

Stephen Kornstein
RPCV Botswana, 1976-78