Each new member of the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Greater New York (RPCV-GNY) is invited to join our Yahoo Group.  (S)he can then opt to receive a full version of our regular newsletter by email.  It will have the latest on where and when we are meeting for a variety of events.

To become a member of the Big Apple Corps, New York City's own Returned Peace Corps Volunteer organization, you can join us through the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA), becoming a member of both groups. By joining the NPCA, you become part of a national network of individuals and groups supporting continued work of the Peace Corps both in the United States and around the world. The national group also supports us with record-keeping and direct deposits.  But for those who prefer, join us directly. Either way, you'll stay connected to variety of events, news and other opportunities to stay involved.

Any voluntary contribution you make in excess of the required fee supports outreach efforts by current and returned volunteers that we select annually.  

We follow NPCA's policy that provides all Returned Peace Corps Volunteers with free membership during their first 12 months after close of service.  Let us know if you are entitled to this benefit.

1. Join through the National Peace Corps Association (35 + 15 USD annually)
There is a link at the bottom of this page labeled "New Customer?  Click here."  By joining NPCA, you only become a member of the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Greater New York if you elect RPCV-GNY as one of your affiliate groups.  Signing up through NPCA allows you to pay and renew by credit card. Please visit the NPCA site at to learn about the other benefits of membership.

2. Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of New York ( $15 USD annually) 
Send your check for $15 per year for up to 10 years, along with your contact information, especially the email address, to our Treasurer:

Gary Geoghegan
145 W 96 St., Apt 15A
 New York NY 10025-6403

  (or pass it to an officer at any of our events!)

Questions? Contact Gary Geoghegan, Treasurer at .  Use RPCV-GNY in the subject.

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