Advocacy: Meeting with Representative Clark about continuing support for Peace Corps

Sean McLernon and Teresa Devore met with Representative Clark to discuss continuing support of Peace Corps and trying to get more of her colleagues on board with increasing appropriations for Peace Corps when the House and Senate reconvene.  The conversation on August 12, 2013 was positive and Ms. Clark expressed clear support for the efforts of Peace Corps volunteers. 
Latest News

We recently volunteered at St Joseph's Soup Kitchen which is fully volunteer run and serves an about 400 meals every Saturday. If you're interested in volunteering there, email
To volunteer at the the Soup Kitchen, please email or visit

You don't need experience as a chef or server to join the happy band of volunteers who prepare meals for the needy on Saturdays in Casserly Hall below the church. If you can donate a little time any Saturday, just come by. Your help will be welcomed. There's always a need for helping hands. The reward is in new friends to be made and the smiles of those we serve.

The Soup Kitchen has been operating in Casserly Hall every Saturday for about 20 years. Meals are prepared with the help of an army of volunteers from different churches and faiths working under the supervision of one of our rotating head chefs. We strive for nutritionally balanced, hearty meals and whenever possible, include fresh vegetables and salads. We are open to the public from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., but preparations begin at 10:00 a.m. In addition to volunteers who come from St. Joseph's, many others come from the community and student and corporate volunteer programs. Our guests range from fixed-income local residents and the elderly, to street people who are truly suffering. All are welcome, the food is free, and the volunteers are happy for a chance to serve.
Charities We Contribute To

We donated $400 to each of these organizations/projects in December 2012 for our annual contributions to the community.

Partners in Health
Project Zawadi
Fresh Air Fund
Peace Corps Partnership Project: Butterflies in Mexico.
Get Involved

Are you looking to get involved in advocacy for Peace Corps? See what NPCA is doing and how to get involved.

Legislation on health equity for Peace Corps volunteers. See what NPCA is working on.

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