Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
of Greater New York (RPCV-GNY)

Promoting a better understanding of other peoples
on the part of New Yorkers

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Select "RPCVs of Greater New York" as one of you affiliate groups. Join through NPCA now.

To become an official member of “RPCVs of Greater New York”, we encourage you to join us through the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA), selecting to become a member of both NPCA and RPCVs of Greater New York. By joining the NPCA, you become part of a national network of individuals and groups supporting continued work of the Peace Corps both in the United States and around the world with advocacy and lobbying in DC. The national group also supports us with digital record-keeping and direct deposits. But for those who prefer you may join us directly. Either way, you'll stay connected to variety of events, news and other opportunities to stay involved.

RPCVs of Greater New York follows NPCA's policy that provides all Returned Peace Corps Volunteers with free membership for your first year. NPCA tests for this automatically. Let us know if you are entitled to this benefit.

1. Join through the National Peace Corps Association ($35 + 15 USD annually). We think all RPCV's with a job (or trust fund) should be members of NPCA, and $15 per year is close to the cost of 1 movie. Click here to join through NPCA. Be sure not to confuse “RPCVs of Greater New York” with “RPCVs of Northeast NY”. Joining NPCA is good but not enough. You only become a member of the RPCVs of Greater New York if you add RPCVs of Greater New York as one of your affiliate groups. While you are signing up with us, look for a "Friends of [your service country]" affiliate group to join as well, for an additional $15 each. A single sign-up date will simplify your renewals. Signing up through NPCA allows you to pay and renew by credit card. Visit the NPCA's Join page to learn about the other benefits of membership.

2. You may also join RPCV's of Greater New York directly. ($15 USD annually) . Send your check for $15 per year, for up to 10 years ($150), along with your contact information, especially your email address and country(s) and years of service, to:

     c/o Gary Geoghegan, Treasurer
     145 W 96th St, #15A
     New York NY 10025-6403
Any voluntary contribution you make in excess of the required fee supports outreach efforts by current and returned volunteers that we select annually.

Questions?  Contact Teresa D evore, President, Janet D uncan, Vice President  or
Gary G eoghegan, Treasurer and webmaster.  Enter "RPCV-GNY" in the subject.

Last updated 10/14/2013