Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
of Greater New York (RPCV-GNY)

Promoting a better understanding of other peoples
on the part of New Yorkers

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Welcome to
Big Apple Corps

Get involved!  Stay in touch!  Big Apple Corps is the unofficial name of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Greater New York, Inc. We are a NY 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation. The National Peace Corps Association calls us RPCVs of Greater New York. By any name, Big Apple Corps is here for you!

Our goal is to provide a forum for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers in New York City to reconnect with others and to fulfill Peace Corps' third goal of sharing our overseas experiences here in the United States.  The Big Apple Corps accomplishes this through social activities, volunteer activities, and special events.

Whether you have just returned, moved to the New York area, or have been back for many years, we invite you to participate.  

This is a quite static public website. Official members are invited to our Yahoo! Group which is necessary to see complete detail of our events and offerings. See the Join Now tab.

Updated 10/13/2013

For a public, teaser list of our upcoming events, see our FaceBook page